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The Büyükaşık Family has been cultivating silk-cocoons and manifacturing silk since the beginning of 1900.

The family learned the weaving from an Armanian family of Aleppo and has been producing silk since 1936, together with silk weaving.

Hasan Büyükaşık, born in Antakya in 1934, established his own business in 1950, and the business is still continued by the whole family.

They have participated in many exhibitions in the country and abroad in order to promote this handicraft of Harbiye, Antakya (old Antioch).

The difference of silk fabric from other materials and its characteristics:

Silk is not only a fabric preferred by consumers who are keen on wearing clothes made from natural

fibers, but also a fascinating material which has a long history. It is the symbol of nobility.

If well cared for, silk garments can become heirlooms. Since silk is a natural fiber, it is healthy and anti allergic. It has been worn by sultans and kings for centuries.

  • All of the products are 100% silk.
  • They do not lose their quality after being washed or ironed.
  • Do not leave this unique gift to the merciless washing machines and detergents.
  • They liketo be washed by the silk shampoo in tepid water.
  • You know what to do anyway...
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